a rebel of the Sacred Heart

she comes in COLORS

ay Panama
I gotta do what I gotta do, I know I must work hard, but it is not impossible.

I just gotta work on my schedules man...

And yes.. now I am spending a lot more time with Arturo... still trying to figure out what he really wants..

I mean, I trust him in a way, I do, but we still gotta get to know each other, he is the sweetest thing though...

I wonder where this is gonna take is, but i dont want to get fixed on it.. just in case you know.. I gotta care for myself.

I'm just flowing..


Life is good
I know I'm going to miss my time in Bogota, I thank God everyday for the experience and I am looking forward to take advantage of all the oportunities I may come across of.

I've been pretty good at going to class, working as much as I can, 'cause I really do want to finish all my projects, plus... I keep on buying new fabric.. oh Lord! hehe

And people seem to like my style too, today two girls asked me if I could give them samples of fabrics I've used during class, so I guess people like my taste too =)

At lingerie class, it's been pretty good, kinda slow, but good, I am trying to keep track of everything, there were things I would have never thought would be so important when making clothes.

To make something with your own hands it's pretty interesting, it is a gift and I will use the gift God has given me in every possible way.

At the house, everything is good, I really do enjoy spending time with Alexa and David, they are fun, although they make fun of my accent sometimes, but to me is just dumb, like, I don´t take it personally 'cause it would be immature to do so, but I find it funny that they have an accent too, but I just don't make fun of it 'cause it's not how I am. Alexa reminds me of Darlenys a lot, so funny.

At home, same things.. It just sucks that right now, I feel, that as a family, we are stuck, hope we are able to figure things out together and move on.

And with Lorez, it's all good, we talk pretty much everyday, I think we are doing things better this time, we are taking it slow, I mean, I am dying to see him, but we don't have the money to travel right now, and it's just fine, I did get anxious the other night, he was supposed to call me, but never did, the next day he explained that his phone had died and he felt asleep while charging it, I mean, I get it, things happen, but it just feels nice to be taken into consideration, but I guess I feel that way 'cause I am always thinking about him, about us. I am feeling hopeful about it, like, I don't feel insecure, I trust him, I just understand now that we gotta work it out to make it happen.


Actitudes Laborales
Como es que hay gente con actitudes tan dañinas a su lugar de trabajo?

Un simple bote basura puede ser causa para una discucion que proviene de un malentendido.

Hemos estado limpiando la oficina, de poco en poco, pues es asi como se hacen las cosas en este lugar. La pobre Leda no se da abasto con todo lo que le piden.. innecesariamente.

Encontramos popo de raton en el puesto de Itzel y nos a tocado mover, botar, limpiar lugares y cosas que tenian muucho tiempo sin ser tocados.

A la Sra. Gina se le habia extraviado el basurero con todo este enrredo y hoy.. lo encontro. Lo encontro en el puesto de Nadia, otro mini deposito ya. Cuando se da cuenta de que es su basurero, lo toma y dice: ay yo creo que este es mi basurero.. que hace por aca.

Yo, de buena samaritana, le explique lo de la limpieza y el hecho de que Leda se tenga que partir en 1000 para atender todo, hace que todo lo demas.. o sea.. aca arriba en el piso 16, quede como la ultima de sus prioridades.

Ella, en vez de tomarlo y llevarlo a su puesto.. dice: bueno pero entonces que me lo ponga en mi puesto. y lo deja ahi mismo donde lo encontro.

Ahi es donde nos damos cuenta.. de su actitud ante todos los demas colaboradores.

Moraleja.. ser humilde no te quita nada, mas bien.. te da! te da pasciencia, te da paz y armonia en el lugar de trabajo.

Pobre Sra. Gina.. ese karma que viene bajando... 'ta fuerte! buenas vibras pa' ella, pues aun asi.. se las merece =)

Getting used to all these things
So.. I have a boyfriend now, its weird.. after so long of being by myself and my partying time..

I'm still afraid tho.. I'm trying not to be afraid and I really don't want to mess things up.

Although I kinda did last saturday, I ended up going to the show.. super drunk.. I remember a few things but not everything is clear enough.

He got mad at me, cause I started crying, but he didn't understand why was I crying.. and it was just because I'm afraid of someone caring for me like he does and because I knew he was upset.

He just wants me to take care of myself..

After the whole saturday night drunkness.. we had the most amazing weekend.. stayed home all day, making love and smoking =)

I needed someone like him in my life, it's crazy how he makes me feel, how i love breathing his air.. he's just so sweet in every single way.

I'm trying my best to make things work.. God knows I'm trying, hope it all pays off!


Days in red red red.. don't seem so bad after all
You know how.. whenever is that time of the month.. we ladies get... into a different mood just to call it something, well.. after having all this doubts about my accomplishments, my job, my life, my friends.. even family, it all don't seem so bad after all.

My tia Mito came for a visit.. and it was nice to have her, even when I'm not that lovable with my mom's family.. i dig them and love them my own way.
She's gone now, hopefully she had a nice time and I know I did all I can to make her feel like in home =)

At work.. things haven't changed that much.. I keep on hoping they call me from the place Laurie works in.. and somehow.. it kinda work.
Yesterday Laurie sent me a txt telling me to crunch in all my resume info into just one page, cause they like it better like that, I did it right away and sent it.. crossing my fingers now!

Love.. love is in the air and I kind of grab every little piece I can, whenever I have the chance.
Things with Raul are way different than all the other guys.. he is just so special, so.. him and I like it like that, cause I don't feel like if I'm with a materialist person or.. even a person that has any kind of anger in him.. it kind of scares me too, cause I don't really know what his goals in life are.. he says he just wants to be happy.. and I understand him, after all he's seen, he's lived.. he's been in.
I try to just enjoy the moment, but my head is too crazy and I start thinking stuff I shouldn't even imagine! But oo well, he's good for me, for my soul, for my peace and I love that =)

Life doesn't seem so bad after red red days.. that haven't come yet =S but I know they will!!!... they better!


Writer's Block: Friday, I’m in love with you
What is your favorite day of the week?

THURSDAYS!!! it´s not the weekend yet and it´s pretty much a day to start the weekend. kinda like doing something bad that feels good!! i luff thursdays!

horrible dream!
so the other day i had a crazy dream with mary and chriss..
now it was with bat!! =/
he had fainted or something like that and i went crazyyy! my stepmom called the vet, and my dad gave me a ride overthere... jero was there with me all the time but we never spoke to each other...
i woke up crying and shit!
thnx god it was just a dream!

Writer's Block: Speak and spell
If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?

is that even a magic spell?

if i was able to go back in time i will be able to fix a lot a things i've messed up.. =/

Writer's Block: Ice cream isn't cutting it
How long does it take to recover from a broken heart? Is it better to jump back into dating or spend time alone?

please... give me the right answer to this one!

i don't know, i guess it depends on how long you had a relationship for or what it meant for you.

healing process are different for everyone, but something has been proven from all of these, you do recover from everything, it's not the end of the world!

Writer's Block: Take me out
Have you ever gotten involved with a co-worker or classmate? How did it work out?

yes, he was my boss, it did not work because i was not into him. we still talk because after all we were friends at first.
now i have a boyfriend, of course he still wants to get with me, but i made it clear to him that it is never going to work out.


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